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Welcome to Nationwide LPG Ltd

Professional LPG Autogas Conversions carried out in the Midlands.

Here at Nationwide LPG Ltd we pride ourselves in offering excellent service at very competitive prices. We specialize in converting high performance cars and some of our previous convertions include a Subaru Impreza Turbo 300+ BHP as well numerous BMW M3's and even Porche Cayennes.

It is our goal to ensure that every convertion we undertake is done to the highest standards and the LPG kit is blended into the engine bay to make it look like it has always been part of the car. With a large selection of LPG kits to suit any budget, a professional and friendly service and very competitive prices theres no reason no to convert your car to run on LPG. We have over 9 years experience and a vast portfolio of cars ranging from 600cc smart cars to 4000cc Range Rovers and even Impreza's and Porsche Cayennes.

Why Us ?

  • Professional and fully qualified Engineers
    At Nationwide LPG we have a team of professionals qualified engineers who bring their expertise to make your car moving in low cast fuel.
  • Register Members of UKLPG
    Nationwide LPG is the registered member of UKLPG which brings assurance and trust of our customers.
  • Open and honest advice
    At Nationwide LPG we are giving free advise without any cost to our valued customers just dial 0121-568-7771 and one of our customer services person will respond to you Immediately.

What is LPG ?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a natural hydrocarbon fuel made up of Propane and Butane. When placed under a small amount of pressure (7bar or 100Psi) it becomes a dense liquid, allowing large quantities of gas to be stored in a relatively small space.

Approximately 60% of the world’s supply is produced from the separation of gas products, with the remaining 40% produced in the refining of crude oil.

Benefits of LPG

Automotive LPG or Autogas is the most accessible alternative fuel available to petrol and diesel in the UK and indeed Worldwide today. Thousands of pounds are saved each year by drivers and fleet operators by switching to LPG at the same time benefiting the environment. This includes cars, vans, taxis and even buses.

Driving an LPG vehicle is safe, easy and best of all, much cheaper than driving a petrol or diesel model. Recent independent tests have also shown that out of the three fuels, LPG has the best environmental credentials.

If you are a business, in addition to the cost savings, running vehicles on LPG sends a positive environmental message about your organisation.

Worldwide there are over 16 million vehicles currently powered by LPG. They are producing less harmful emissions than those driving petrol or diesel, whilst making significant savings at the pumps.

In the UK, LPG costs around 45% less per litre than petrol and diesel, usually resulting in annual savings of up to 40% in fuel costs.

LPG conversions

Most petrol engines are suitable for an LPG conversion which means that you can enjoy the cost savings and environmental benefits of driving an LPG vehicle immediately after conversion. Please call for a quick answer, if your vehicle is suitable for conversion. After you convert your vehicle to LPG, you can still run your vehicle on Petrol as well Gas.

How Does LPG Work.

After your LPG conversion, your engine works exactly in the same way as before. You have a separate Gas fuelling system added with its own tank, piping, Engine Control Unit (ECU) and injectors.

Your vehicle then becomes “Dual-Fuel”. You can change between the two types of fuel by a switch that we install in the vehicle dashboard. LPG is also a lead-free fuel and produces fewer emissions (therefore has lower Road Tax duty rates) and causes less oil contamination in the engine. The combustion is cleaner and your engine will run quieter plus the drive will be smoother.

Our modern fitted LPG systems have the latest Engine Control Units (ECU’s) that fully integrate the Gas system with a Modern vehicle’s own on board computer system. The partnership is so good that you hardly notice which fuel systems you are running, either Gas or Petrol until you look at the switch.

The Process

LPG Conversion Process is fitted in two stages:

  • The Front End installation : Components mounted in the engine bay and switch mounted inside the car)
  • The back area and piping (Tank, Filler and Feed Pipe to the Front)

All work carried out has 1 year warranty.

After your installation, you will notice a higher residual value when you sell it because the public are appreciating the possible fuel saving to be had.

We have used many types of LPG conversion kits since we started but we have found the following kits are the most reliable and therefore fitted by ourselves: